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Tri-State is an asphalt emulsion manufacturing company, proudly serving the Midwest. We specialize in asphalt emulsions, polymer modified binders, cold mix, asphalt emulsion seal coat base, crack sealants and more.​ We are persistent in our desire for excellence. Perhaps the greatest testament to our success  is the loyalty we have earned from our customers and employees. Tri-State is a company that is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our customers; past, present and future with our quality services, delivered and produced by the most qualified people. 

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About Us
Emulsion Products

Unlimited Possibilities

With our talented laboratory technicians and hard-working plant staff, creating the highest quality asphalt emulsion products is our number one priority.  Our customers know they can rely on us for their superior road solutions. 

Tack Coats

Stick With Us

Tack serves as an adhesion for increased grip on asphalt pavement surfaces. Used as a bonding agent between new and old bituminous asphalt, our tack coat products are famous for their high performance. Stick with Tri-State and get it right the first try as well as stay on budget. 


Incomparable Quality

Tri-State’s polymer-modified asphalt materials are sturdy, tough and more flexible than any conventional asphalt mix. They are perfect for high-volume roadways or thin pavement applications. Our Polymers are built for durability and deliver resistance to cracking and pothole development.

Pavement Preservation

Longer Lasting Pavement Solutions

Pavement preservation represents a proactive approach to maintaining our existing highways. Timely rehabilitation and reconstruction to roads can reduce costs tremendously. With timely preservation we can provide the traveling public an improved, smoother drive with longer lasting pavements. 

Specialty Products

Customized To Your Needs

We custom blend majority of  our asphalt products in order to meet our customers needs. If you require a specific blend of product, shoot us an email or give us a call. We'd be happy to help you find the perfect product to fit your road construction project.

Tristate Asphalt, Tri-State Asphalt
HFE-90 asphalt emulsions, chip seal oil
We create our asphalt products with the utmost care in order to meet our customers needs. Made by our state of the art lab and expert technicians, we make sure our products are state approved, long lasting, and strong in order to out perform in every situation.
In big business you are typically handed off from one customer rep to the next, with limited answers to your questions. However with Tri-State, you can rest assured knowing that our purpose is to make sure our customer's are our first priority. From education, to answering questions, Tri-State always has someone there for you, we are just a simple phone call away.
You can count on Tri-State to always follow through with what we say and what we do. Our goal is to provide our customers with the products, tools and knowledge so that they walk away 100% satisfied and keep coming back for more!
Why choose tri-state?
AASHTO accredited laboratory, asphalt emulsions

Our SS-1h is a stable emulsion that can be diluted with water for superior penetration. It is an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion with a low penetration created for many different types of application methods.


HFE-90 is an anionic medium to rapid setting emulsion that is designed primarily for preventative pavement maintenance treatments. It is one of the most lucrative and efficient product offered. 

Micro-Surfacing (CSS-1HLM)

This product is a skid-resistant surface treatment composed of a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, well-graded aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives. It is expertly mixed and spread onto a paved surface. Micro-surfacing cures faster than slurry seal, permitting thicker application, rut filling, and quick traffic return on high volume roadways.

LJS-Longitudinal Joint Sealant

LJS is a hot applied asphalt joint sealant used to extend the life of the longitudinal HMA joints. It is flow resistant and non-tracking within 15-30 min. LJS reduces water and air intrusion into the longitudinal joint. It also helps extend the life of the HMA and allows for better compaction rates on the unconfined edge.


SS-1hp is similar to SS-1h because it's also an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion created for tack coat usage. This is an emulsion product that has a blend of polymer added for superior penetration and performance.

Rapid Penetrating Emulsion

RPE is a low cost solution to eliminate pay item deductions due to poor 

compaction rates. Applying RPE is an IDOT approved remedy for low 

density asphalt penalties. RPE is an asphalt emulsion designed to rapidly 

penetrate Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement to fill interconnected air 

voids and reduce permeability. This product may be used to treat both unconned longitudinal joints that require remedial action, and longitudinal joint sections that are deficiant in density to eliminate penalties.


This product in a newly developed tack coat material that is IDOT approved and exclusively available through Tri-State Asphalt, LLC. Benefits include: Reduced tracking, significantly diminished break time, construction costs are lowered due to quick return of traffic. Fully compatible with with SS-1h and is stored similarly. 


PEP penetrates, bonds and stabilizes the sub-base layer of asphalt pavements, waterproofing it before introducing the hot mix asphalt. PEP is a great replacement for the MC-30, a cutback classified as an unstable mixture, which can be hazardous to the environment.


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Asphalt Emulsions, Tri-State Asphalt, Tristate Asphalt, tack coats, prime, pg binders, polymer modified asphalt binders, high performance cold mix
Since 1984, Tri-State Asphalt has been a leader in the asphalt emulsion industry. Throughout the upper Midwest, we produce and supply the highest quality road and industrial grade asphalt emulsions. With our state of the art laboratory we are able to perform research and development on our current products in addition to any customized specifications you need. This ensures the highest quality asphalt emulsion on every project and order we receive. 

If you would like to experience the best customer service and highest quality asphalt emulsions in the industry, call Tri-State Asphalt.
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Address: 1362 Bungalow Road. Morris, IL 60450
Phone: 815-942-0080
Fax: 815-942-5221
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