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J-Band does more than just preserve pavement. This game-changing technology helps save three of the most important things to any engineer, applicator, or community: time, money, and lives.


Product Data Sheet

Chip Seal

Micro -Surfacing

Cape Seal

Fog Seal

Cold In Place Recycling

Full Depth Reclamation

Longitudinal Joint Sealant

Rapid Penetrating Emulsions


Tack Coats

Prime Coats

Modified Asphalts

Cold Mix

Dust Control

Download Our Calculator App:

This new app allows you to easily calculate the shot rate of a job to meet the IDOT spec. Drivers can figure the optimum speed for their truck nozzle combination as well! Both of these functions help ensure your jobs are being sprayed correctly and there are no pay item deductions for too little tack coat.
With the gallon estimate function, estimators can quickly find out how many gallons of material they will need for a job by simply putting in the pounds of residual the job calls for, and a few other easy items found on a bill of lading and the calculation is done for them, no more guessing.
The Residual Calculator easily allows Superintendent’s or Agency personnel on the job to verify if enough tack coat was sprayed by simply entering the gallons sprayed or by using the weight tickets and a few more details form the BOL.
If you have any questions about how to use the app, please feel free to contact us, we will send you a FREE TUTORIAL. 


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